we need color
we need joy
we need wholeness

To bring this into the world, I’ve put my heart into Lewendig. A continuous manifesto with which I tell about ‘the wholeness of existence’. Nature, animals, people being one. I like to do this in a playful manner through my various forms of art.

Today’s society is characterized by the illusion of separation. The world has never been so “prosperous”. In the Western world individualization leads to a loss of connection. Human moves away from his fellow human; and seems to rise above animals and nature.

To (re) feel wholeness, I created ‘Lewendig’. With this I hope to provide connection and positive energy for humanity. (The world).

I believe, with all my heart, that when we re-realize that we’re whole, that will be a beautiful step towards world love.

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© Dolian Mara Oosterman 2021