‘praise your magic vessel’

Often I get the question: ‘why I am so fascinated by vulvas and penises?’. It’s not that I am more ‘fascinated’ by our genitalia then any other body parts. Dick’s and vulva’s, in full force, have just missed the spotlight in art and life for long, so long, that that’s the “thing” people giggle about/mention when they see my art. THAT’S what fascinates me. To me, the genitals are just as ‘natural’ as a nose for example. We all have ‘m. More and more I find how many people have lost contact with his/her genitals because of the taboo on nudity. Especially women often have no idea what their vulva looks like let alone how she works/what she likes. With this ‘magic vessel’ I want to inspire women to make more contact with her vulva.

Our magical vessel that creates life and could make a mens genitalia to rise, just by being/thinking of.*

* inspired by book ‘Pussy’ - Regena Thomashauer


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