we need color
we need joy
we need wholeness

To bring this into the world,
I’ve put my heart into Lewendig.
A continuous manifesto with

which I tell about
‘the wholeness of existence’.
Nature, animals, people

I like to do this in a playful manner
through my various forms of art.

Today’s society is characterized by the illusion of separation. The world has never been so “prosperous”.
Yet, individualization leads to a loss of connection. Human move away from their fellow human; and seems to “rise above” animals and nature.

Two things flow like rivers to the sea through my life: making art and exploring the world. A desire to make the human world a "little more beautiful".

A ceaseless stream of stories that
I would love to share with you.

Lewendig is, 'all encompassing'.

All rights reserved
© Dolian Mara Oosterman 2021