Twee dingen stromen als rivieren naar de zee door mijn leven: het maken van kunst en het verkennen van de wereld. Een verlangen de menselijke wereld een “beetje mooier” te maken. Een onophoudelijke stroom aan verhalen die ik graag met jou zou willen delen.

‘Passionate creator / wild animal lover  / multidiciplinairy artist’

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2016 - 2020 | Academie Artemis, Bachelor of Arts, Allround styling
2012 - 2015  | Modevakschool, Fashion & design


2024 - upcoming tufting
2023 | Jewellery, Lisbon PT
2023 | Ceramics - Raku, Chila studio, Ericeira PT
2021 | Screenprinting, NL
2020 | Pottery/ceramics, NL


2024 | Home Gallery exhibition, Amsterdam NL
2024 | Art workshop at Soulmatic retreat, PT
2024 | Lewendig’ exhibition, Ferrel PT


2023 | Nude photoshoot / Lewendig’ ceramic collection with photographer Maja Elders, Voorthuizen NL
2023 | Artist portrait, Hometown journal 
2023 | Lewendig’ market / exhibition, Ericeira PT
2023 | Solo exhibition Lewendig’, Bar Bario, Amsterdam NL
2023 | Exhibiting / selling Lewendig hoodies & art, Selina Ericeira PT
2022 | Garden exhibition Lewendig’ clothing and art collection, Ocean House, Ericeira PT
2021 | GLUE, De School, Amsterdam NL
2021 | Digital exhibition solo project ‘Origin Habitat’, Jimmy Nelson, Nepal / NL
2020 | Digital exhibition solo project ‘Lewendig’, NL


2021 - present | LEWENDIG, founder
Through Lewendig I share my ongoing flow of creative outbursts with the world. To (re) feel wholeness.
2023 | Art & Graphics for pop up brunch ‘Spicefirst x Nick Schluter’
2023 | Artist video ‘Lewendig’ with Julian Thomas
2023 | Creative assisting video by Julian Thomas
2022 | ‘Forbidden fruits of soon’, art dinner with special ‘odes’. Rotterdam, NL
2022 | ‘wat was’, photo/video/storytelling project, several countries
2022 | ‘ondergaande zonnen’, project ‘Lewendig’, PT
2022 | ‘Timelessness of nature’, painting project in Yurt, Alentejo PT
2021 | ‘KPSLTJS’, artcollection about identity crisis during covid
2021 | ‘Lab Yrinth’, collaborative concept with Charrared, fine picknicking with ‘fancy’ secondhand cutlery.
2021 | IJM studio Frank Visser, NL
2021 | Startup ‘KERS collective’, Bajes Amsterdam NL
2020 | ‘RECONSTRUCTED’, photography/styling/video editing Jolien Willenborg, Amsterdam NL
2020 | ‘(Lewen)dig in a box’, an assembly of the handmade products with whom I tell about ‘wholeness’.
2020 | ‘S1’; we are as one, sculpturing, photographing, poetry inspired by swans.
2020 | ‘Niets is alles omvattend’, poetry
2019 | ‘A luvrs holy day’, personal artist story. Painting in natural habitat, forest and beach.
2019 | ORIGIN HABITAT, for Jimmy Nelson Foundation, Nepal
‘Origin Habitat’ is a project for which I roamed through Nepal researching ‘Habitat’. Most inspired by Tibetan culture and the ‘Never Ending Peace And Love’ that describes Nepal. I created a co-working, multimedia art/awareness concept.
2019 | ‘De schoonheid van het onschone’, photography/video and sculpturing inspired by Nina. ’I am art.’
2019 | Interior design and styling, Felidae home, Kimberly SA
2019 | ‘Die oranje rooi sonopkoms kom lewendig’, styling, photography and poetry, Kimberly SA
2019 | Wall painting for artist Thirza Schaap
2018 | ‘PARA SOL’, clothing collection made with washed up parasols, Cape Town SA
2018 | ‘Alis’, art styling and photography of model Alis Kotze, Cape Town SA
2018 | ‘Sjimmy’, art styling and photography of model Sjimmy Bruijnickx, Cape Town SA
2018 | Self published’ artbook ‘Zout-Afri-k’, Cape Town SA
2018 | ‘Clipies’, handmade natural earring collection, Cape Town SA
2018 | ‘Collectables’, art styling and modeling for Thirza Schaap, Cape Town SA
2018 - 2019 | Plastic Ocean -Thirza Schaap (Dutch artist), SA
Plastic Ocean is a company that moved me a lot. Picking up plastic from the beaches in South Africa and creating pieces of art out of the washed up toothbrushes and confetti-like pieces. Color is everything. Creating awareness through attraction. 
2018 | ‘Laundry and Latte, de schoonheid van het onschone’, kunstinstalatie, interieur en storytelling concept.
2018 | ‘Ros Marins baby’, raw photography and storytelling
2017 | ‘open your trashy eyes’, a concept for CJP to raise awarness about trash on the streets.
2017 | ‘sk8terboi’, photography and graphics Joep van den Beuken
2016 | ‘Une fille plain d’amour’, animated video


2023 - present | No Mans Art Gallery and Bar, NL
2022 - 2024 | Context compagny
2022 | Ocean House, PT
2022 | Fort 9, NL
2022 | Arnie merch concerts, EU
2016 | Felidae wild cat rescue centre - SA
2016 | 9 Miles township | surf and creative projects, SA
2016 | Junior designer, NL
2015 | Concept creating / styling, artworks, tekst, artwalls for (concept) stores YAYA
2014 | Fashion design, graphics, fabric and communication, Pearl Global, New Delhi INDIA
2013 | Knitting for Haute couture Paris fashion week Versace, Coen Carsten, Amsterdam NL


2023 | Amarte Fonds, NL
2023 | Voordekunst crowdfunding, NL


2021 | Carlie Consemulder: ‘The person you never knew you needed in your (work and personal) life. ⁣She lights up the room, knows what she can and what she can not and tells you all about it. in the most passionate way.⁣ She’s a curious and open minded creature who loves to learn. Sometimes fast and sometimes slow because she know that beautiful things take time. ⁣She walked in and changed my day, even the future. Because of her I know what to look for and even what I want and wish for my kids while growing up. Could and would write any recommendation letter when needed.’
2020 | Jimmy Nelson: ‘ Admirable how you so independently managed to translate the interpersonal connection with so much
individuality and love into an inspiring visual story, this touches
people deeply. Keep following your heart and passion and keep creating from yourself.’
2019 | Thirza Schaap: 'Dolian is very diverse, has endless patience to bring something to a good result and is a pleasure to work with because of her fantastic personality. Dolian is a creative jack-of-all-trades and, in my opinion, will be able to market herself accordingly. In a place where art and commerce come together.'

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