I feel that the balance that the Yin Yang symbolizes lives in our pure nature. It feels like the meaning/value of this is still being pursued in Africa in its purest form.

Every living organism of this world carries the same nucleus with them. Earthly + sexes + cycle.

In animals and plants this is pure.

Due to ("western") developments a large part of humanity has disabled natural selection, which in my opinion is the only pure form of life.

Sapiens have covered themselves with "protective" layers (clothing, houses, weapons, but also emotional masks) in order not to be "vulnerable".

In my opinion, this is precisely what damages the 'homo sapiens' . By no longer living in your vulnerability, new problems arise. (Often psychic and wars). Because we are no longer physically “threatened”.

What the homo sapiens should try is; looking for a good balance. Always act according to your own core, and apply it creatively in society.

Yin Yang.
NIETS IS ALLES OMVATTEND(nothing is all-encompasing)

With 'Nothing is all-encompassing' I want to create a double consciousness.

What is 'Nothing'?
What is 'Everything'?

Nothing = Everything
Nothing = The 'nothing', the invisible/tangible (for humans)
‘Nothing’ adds value where it matters
'Nothing' is enough

Everything = Nothing
'Everything' is the 'nothing'
'Everything' is the core, which leads to the 'nothing'

Nothing 'encompasses' everything
Nothing 'describes' everything

Nothing, is everything, encompassing.
Nothing, is all encompassing.
Nothing is everything, encompassing.

Every sentence you make with this double negation/acknowledgment,
can be read in several ways. It just depends on where you drop the silence.

Your own interpretation. Following your own core, feeling, instinct.

The balance of life

x Yin Yang

“This world is but a canvas to (y)our imagination

Ek was ‘n oomblik weg
maar nou weer terug
Anoniem, as ‘n pseudoniem
met ‘n verklaring van my liefde
aan jou; my liefde, my lewe

Jy maak my
‘n mooier persoon
Jy laat my lag,
sing en dans

Liefde ken geen grense nie
en saam met jou
Ek wil hierdie wêreld hê
leer baie beter leer ken

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© Dolian Mara Oosterman 2021