Tuin van verlangen’ 23

photographed by Maja Elders
ceramics, paintings and styling by Lewendig

flowers and fruits by Merel

we asked women to re-write with us the story of Adam and Eve.
To break the ‘shame’ of our naked selves.
To celebrate, play, adore, truly see, create and just, be.

Rewriting’ the story of Adam, Eve and the forbidden fruit..

challenging the stigma around nudity and the shame it carries.

In the biblical story, Adam and Eve initially lived without shame, but after Eve ate the forbidden fruit, they became aware of their nakedness and felt shame.

In this portrayal of a paradise, women can freely embrace their desires and sensuality, dining nude, eating the fruit without consequences, conveying that there’s no reason to be ashamed of the human body and natural desires.

a statement about freedom, acceptance, and reinterpreting an age- old tale. It offers an opportunity to normalise nudity, celebrate the human body, and challenge the associated shame.

It encourages viewers to reflect on how cultural and religious narratives have shaped our perception of nudity and desires, promoting a more open and understanding attitude toward these aspects of human nature.

We’ll transform the idea of punishment into one of acceptance and empowerment.

So what’s next? What’s in your heart? What rules do you want to break?
which forbidden fruits do you crave?

You show up just as you are - so whole, a piece of heaven on earth.

- Maja Elders

All rights reserved
© Dolian Mara Oosterman 2021